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A member of the Social Democratic Party Accion Democratica (AD). In 1989 he was selected by the president and also a member of AD Carlos Andrés Pérez, governor of the Federal District, in elections in December 1995 he ran for mayor of the Libertador municipality of Caracas, was the winner, replacing leftist Aristóbulo Istúriz from the party Patria Para Todos, in the presidential elections 1998 was appointed chief campaign of presidential candidate Luis Alfaro Ucero, being himself Ledezma, responsible for publicly announcing the expulsion of his former boss, who had sworn to make President of the Republic.

Promoted a policy to reduce street vendors, He command to demolish the popular market of La Hoyada, personally took charge of the application process for the repatriation of a large number undocumented Dominican immigrants residing in Caracas and campaigned for the construction of the line 4 Metro de Caracas. With regard to his relations with the executive, maintained good relations with the president, the Democrat Rafael Caldera, however with the successor of this, in the year 1999, the leftist Hugo Chavez were a hard and difficult tension.

Ledezma was replaced as a mayor by the appointed Freddy Bernal from Movimiento V Republica, in 2000. During the presidential elections of the same year Ledezma was called by his party to be running for the presidency, however, was rejected and AD decided not to submit a candidate and call up abstention, which prompted Ledezma renounce the organization and founded a new one, called Alianza Bravo Pueblo (ABP) consisting of some dissidents more conservative wing of AD, in 2000 he was also pre-candidate opponent for greater mayoral which declined. While ABP Ledezma, a member of the National Command of the Resistance, a group shock of the most extremist opposition to the government of Hugo Chavez called actively to the abstention of the legislative elections of 2005 and presidential elections of 2006 (although informally endorsed the opposition candidate Manuel Rosales), claiming election fraud, as in the elections of 2000 had opposed.

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