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Born May 8, 1955 in the city of Coro in Falcon state, and since the decade of the 1980s, resides in the city of Maracay. He studied at Instituto Universitario Pedagogico Experimental de Maracay (current Universidad Pedagogica Experimental Libertador) in the field of Social Sciences.

Beginning his political activity in the party Movimiento al Socialismo (MAS), He was elected councilor of the Municipality Santiago Mariño and Member of the Legislative Assembly of Aragua (today Legislative Council), which came to preside. In 1992 he was appointed secretary of the government of Aragua, later was elected senator of the Republic and President of the Health Commission of the Senate, in addition to integrating the Finance Committee.

In the elections of December 1995 with the support of his party MAS was elected as Governor of Aragua state, a position he assumed on January 23, 1996, succeeding Carlos Tablante. In November 1998, he was re-elected with the support of MAS addition of new allied forces around the military Hugo Chavez as the Movimiento V Republica, Patria Para Todos (a new escinción party's leftist La Causa R), among others, accumulating the 84.54% of the votes, with the highest recorded vote for any candidate in recent years in Venezuela.

In 2000 elections under the new constitution, passed last year, He file for governor again gaining so overwhelming as in the election of 2004. The year 2002 was one of the dissenting MAS and creator along with his partner Ismael Garcia (also active in politics aragueña).

Married to Dr. Marietta Maarraoui, who has accompanied his social work actively by the State. He has two children, Manuela and Didalco.

















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