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She is the daughter of Jose Antonio Perez Diaz and Maria Cristina Perez Osuna. His father is one of the founders of Copei, former president of the Congress and, according to her, "a cousin of puntofijismo." Her mother -deceased- was sociologist, criminology and president of the Foundation Gran Mariscal de Ayacucho. His godfather is Luis Herrera Campins, the former president, but she prefers not to speak about him. "Although I have not vetoed him," She says. She is married -second nuptial- with Wladimir Petit, son of Jesus Petit D'Acosta. She has three sons, and she is the youngest of five brothers. But first and foremost she is the host of “Yo Prometo”, where she has interviews with "personalities" of the policy, broadcast every Tuesday by Globovision.

For two decades she has worked in the main national television channels, first as a news editor and then as a reporter of news, in addition to flirt with the radio on several occasions. Since she began, and so far, she has covered various electoral processes operating in the country as Decision 83, Democracy 88, Community 89 and Election 95, before entering Globovision in 1994.

In her parental home, very early, they were taught that politics was not a matter of blind or corrupt. And Nitu always take into consideration, when interviewed, respect. The job of interviewing, I think that is much theorizes. I do not have a recipe: I am very intuitive and always try to know the good and bad side of my interviewees. I stroke a goal with the character; I think the possible questions and answers. I prepare an average of 15 questions in character, but in truth I failed to make all but two programs. Generally, the 15 uses three, by the dynamics of the interview and the interviewee.

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