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Oscar Yanes has distinguished himself as a journalist, columnist, actor, humorist and man of television

The journalist and columnist Oscar Yanes celebrates eighty years of life and 63 of journalistic exercise. In addition, he has pursued the policy, teaching and conducting television, recently inVenevision. As if that were not enough, his book “Como Asi Son Las Cosas”, among others, are sold as hot bread.

How Do you keep your memory?

- Everyone asked me this. To keep the memory is not what I recommend record: to the extent that you score all, lose memory. You have to training yourself to lose many appointments, important things while compels your memory to work.

Don’t you confuse things?

- It may occur while you have no training, but when you achievement it is very easy.

- In your book of chronicles and anecdotes of the fun is,  there less commitment to history?

-Yes, there is commitment to history, but we have to think that when there are popular demonstrations of facts that may seem ridiculous or irrelevant, we must provided this information because they are part of history.

Yanes the chronicler, journalist, and  humorist,  how it operates in every facet?

- It's very different. The humor is part of every Venezuelan. It's their natural state. As a journalist, we have to think about what is the interest to others, to that extent you do a great journalistic work.

- And as a columnist?

- A chronicle is like an oasis within the journalism. You are persecuting the news first of all, but as a chronicler persecuting savor the consequences of this story in a way that you like to welcome the people.

- In 63 years as a journalist you have seen many things.

- I have to see all aspects. I live in the era of the great chroniclers and I learned a lot from them.

- How to qualify journalism today?

- You have a technological development as never dreamed of. With imagination we had applied to such technological development, we would have done what gave us the win. Now the journalist is conformist, a slave of the art.


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